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Lal Kitab expert with 30 years of professional experience. Expert in Shani consideration, Manglik Yog, and Kaal-Sarp Yog
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Predictions for PM NARENDRA MODI

I organized a Shani Gyan Shivir (camp to educate people about Saturn) in May 2006 at (full story)
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Shani (Saturn) Sadesati
A person experiences 3 cycles of Sadesati during his/her lifetime. When Saturn transits over (full article)
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Predictions for Bollywood Stars:

Shri Vrindawan Poshak Shringhar Pooja Bhandhar Panchkula

Meeting Smt. Sheila Dikshit Ex. Chief Minister at her residence


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Astrology is the science of divination that deals with the study of heavenly bodies, and the influence they have on the course of earthly occurrences and human affairs. A horoscopes reveals the kind of influence planets will have on the person, and the time when the planets will show their effect.

The goal of astrology to help individuals know themselves better by knowing the influence of planetary configuration they are born with.

Astrology also enables people to avert setbacks, hardships, and all sorts of failure and problems by taking precautions and performing remedies even before tragedy strikes.

I have been practicing professional astrology for the past 30 years. During the course of my practice, I have solved acute and chronic problems of thousands of clients through infallible remedies that are simple to perform, and are cost effective. My clientele includes film personalities, recording artists, politicians, and industrialists.

Please contact to rid yourself of all kinds of acute and chronic problems including Love, Marriage, Relationships, Money, Career, Children, Health, and Education. Contact to book an appointment, or to consult over the phone.

- Astrologer Radha Krishan Verma

R. K. Verma Videos :


Lal Kitab expert with 30 years of professional experience. Expert in Shani consideration, Manglik Yog, and Kaal-Sarp Yog
325, Sector 19, Panchkula
Haryana, India

Introduction Video

Introduction Video
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Birthday Hillary Clinton Prediction USA election

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Sun-Saturn conjunction, July/August, 2006 (full article)
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