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Lal Kitab expert with 30 years of professional experience. Expert in Shani consideration, Manglik Yog, and Kaal-Sarp Yog
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I organized a Shani Gyan Shivir (camp to educate people about Saturn) in May 2006 at (full story)
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Shani (Saturn) Sadesati
A person experiences 3 cycles of Sadesati during his/her lifetime. When Saturn transits over (full article)
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Lal Kitab expert with 30 years of professional experience. Expert in Shani consideration, Manglik Yog, and Kaal-Sarp Yog
325, Sector 19, Panchkula
Haryana, India

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A person
, on an average, experiences 3 cycles of  Saturn’s Sadesati during his/her lifetime (if a person lives for close to 100 years, he/she might experience a 4th cycle).  When Saturn transits over the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal Moon, a person is said to be running through Sadesati.  Its duration is seven-and-a-half year (Sadesati in Sanskrit means seven-and-a-half year).  People with the moon-signs of Gemini, Cancer, and Leo are currently experiencing Sadesati.

When in the 12th house, Saturn causes affliction in the legs and feet.  When in the house of Moon, is causes affliction to the head.  This is the middle 2 ½ year period of Sadesati, and is extremely uncomfortable.  The mind becomes confused, and is preoccupied by insurmountable worries.  This is the most difficult period.  When Saturn comes to the 2nd house, then it affects the body from neck to the pelvis.

Sadesati is not necessarily a bad period that it is commonly considered to be.  How it will affect you depends on Saturn’s position in your horoscope.  Sadesati can either be a horrifying experience or a fruitful one depending on your horoscope and karmas.

About Shani Dev (Saturn)
The planet Saturn’s father is the Sun; mother is Sanghya (Chaya); brother is Yamraj; and sister is Yamuna.  Saturn—apart from being a planet—is also a deity.  The 9 “planets” that constitute Indian astrology are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.  Just like Sun is revered and respected, Saturn too holds great importance.  Saturn calls for respect and worship.  Saturn is a Karmic planet, and holds great significance in our lives.  Saturn materialises what we deserve based on our karmas from this (and past) live.  In fact, Saturn’s position—and hence influence—in our horoscope gives clues to our actions of past lives.

Saturn is a very slow moving planet.  It takes about two-and-a-half years to move through one sign, and about 30 years to complete one circle of the zodiac.  Saturn’s Sadesati lasts for a period of seven-and-a-half years when it transits the 12th, 1st, and the 2nd house counted from the natal Moon.  Of similar importance is the Saturn Dhaiya.  Saturn’s mahadasha is of 19 years, and Saturn wields its maximum influence on the person during its mahadasha.

Miracle at Shri Shani (Saturn) Mandir!

The 10th and 11th signs of the zodiac—Capricorn and Aquarius—are ‘owned’ by Saturn.  The planet is most powerful during the night, and rules over the South direction.  Shanishcharee Aamavasya fell on 27 May, 2006 this year.   Saturn’s ‘guru’ is lord Shiva, and his Isht Dev is Lord Sri Krishna.  Lord Shiva placed a blessing on Shani Dev that the person’s state will become miserable on whom Saturn’s evil eye falls.

However, it must always be remembered that Saturn is the lord of Justice.  Saturn is the Judge that has the final say.  Saturn’s justice is fair and impartial.  Saturn ensures that we get what we deserve according to our karma (actions).   Saturn says: “As you sow, so shall you reap.”  If you are on the good side of Saturn, you will receive immense blessings from him and your life will be full of comforts.  However, if your actions are not good, you will invite Saturn’s wrath. Jai Shani Dev!!

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