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Lal Kitab expert with 30 years of professional experience. Expert in Shani consideration, Manglik Yog, and Kaal-Sarp Yog
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Lal Kitab expert with 30 years of professional experience. Expert in Shani consideration, Manglik Yog, and Kaal-Sarp Yog
325, Sector 19, Panchkula
Haryana, India

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First published in the Punjab Kesri newspaper on 27 May, 2006
These predictions have come true*

The Hindu New Year (Vikram Samvat 2063) commences on 30 March, 2006.  This year’s planetary rulership will be with Jupiter—the guru of all planets—that is currently transiting Libra—the sign of Venus.  The planet Venus is Jupiter’s minister; therefore, the year from 30 March, 2006 to 29 March, 2007 will be under the effect of Jupiter with a heavy influence of Venus.  Jupiter is in retrograde motion and will stay likewise till 6 July, 2006.  When planets become ‘retrograde’, they are unable to give their full effect.  Once Jupiter becomes ‘direct’ after 6 July, 2006, its full benefic effects will be visible.  On 30 March, 2006, as the New Year begins, Mercury and Venus will be transiting Aquarius; Sun and Rahu will be in the sign of Pisces; Moon in Aries; Mars in Scorpio; Saturn in Cancer; and Ketu in Virgo.

The year that is coming to a close on 29 March, 2006, was under the rulership of Saturn (Shani dev), which is the Universal Judge.  Once must remember that Shani dev is a very impartial—albeit strict—Judge.  When in charge, Shani dev confers results on people according to their good or bad karma.  Saturn becomes in-charge in people’s lives during his Mahadasha of 19 years, and during Sade-Sati (when it transits the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the Natal Moon).  Saturn also wields its influence during the three periods of two-and-a-half years each knows as Dhaiya.  This is when Saturn transits the 4th and 8th house from the Natal Moon.  Shani dev only materializes what we deserve based on our karma from past lives and this life.  It was due to Saturn’s lordship that the current year saw a barrage of natural calamities (from floods and earthquakes to deadly hurricanes) visiting upon us.   Shani dev also rules property, which explains the over-activity—and hence rising price—in the property market.  This was also due to Saturn’s direct motion in the sign of Cancer.  Saturn went ‘retrograde’ on 22 November, 2005, which cooled down the market, and lowered property prices.  After 30 March, 2006—when Saturn gives up its rulership—property prices will stabilize.

The New Year, under Jupiter’s rulership, will bring happiness and economic prosperity for India.  Rainfall will be plentiful; and India’s relations with other countries will improve.  An increase in international trade is also on the cards.  Jupiter will have a very favourable influence on saints and gurus next year, which means that they will stay in prominence throughout the year, and will see their popularity rise.  More importantly, those saints/ gurus who are involved in any kind of litigation or are implicated in any matter, or whose credibility is under the scanner, will emerge victorious.  There will also be an increase in Yagyas (ritualistic pujas).  Gold prices will stabilize in the New Year.  People holding high posts will also feel Jupiter’s favourable influence.  This is especially true for those who are in the entertainment business.  Those people who have well placed Jupiter or Venus in their horoscopes will also feel the planet’s favourable effect.  For better results, and to receive blessings of planet Jupiter, people must respect and serve the following people: their father, their grandfather, any person with white hair and who wears white clothes, and saints.  Visiting temple on Thursdays evenings, and offering yellow laddoos to Lord Vishnu will be extremely beneficial.  Wearing a kesar (saffron) or haldi (turmeric) tilak on the forehead will confer good results.  Chant the following Jupiter (Brahaspati) mantra: Om Br Brahaspate Namah to receive Jupiter’s blessings.

Venus—which is the minister planet in the New Year—will ensure that the holy cow, which is a highly sacred animal in India, will be respected and revered more than before.  There will also be an increase in milk production.  Those who will pay obedience to the holy cow, or perform gau pujan, will receive blessings of Goddess Laxmi—the presiding goddess of Venus.  Women will also become more influential in various spheres of life.  Wearing a white Sapphire (in pure silver) in the right index finger will be very beneficial.  Chant the following Venus (Shukr) mantra: Om Shu Skukarai Namah to receive Venus’s blessings.

Those who will be born at the start of the New Year will be extremely lucky.  A majority of these those born around this time will become doctors, lawyers, architects, and will have a religious bent of mind.

— Astrologer R K Verma

This prediction has come true:

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